Salman Khan is back, gear up for some sparks

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(added 22 Aug 2014)
The previous teaser established that this season the theme for Bigg Boss 8 will be aviation. We hear the decor will resemble parts of an airplane. The second teaser showcases Salman Khan taking a break from his pilot duties and making paper planes. It’s funny, if you notice when Salman tries to fly the paper plane he made, it doesn’t take off well. In fact, it simply crashes, but the continuous shot shows a plane taking off – now that’s computer graphics. We are sure the actor must have tried his hand at plane making several times before actually giving the shot. The teaser is certainly testing our patience level as we are dying to know what the eighth season will have in store for us. Wonder who the contestants will finally be and how much they will fight or play politics this time around. Stay tuned to this space as we bring you more updates on Bigg Boss 8.
Salman Khan is back, gear up for some sparks
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