'I Agreed to Dance at Gunpoint': Emraan Hashmi in Dubai

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Emraan Hashmi is known for his serial-kissing image as well as his versatility as an actor but if there is something he finds difficult, it’s dancing! Yet that’s exactly what director Kunal Deshmukh wanted him to do for Raja Natwarlal, the thriller that releases today in the UAE. “I play a con artist who is a very loud character. So I had to dance and do the other fun stuff that a con artist does,” said Emraan at a press conference in Dubai, adding with a grin, “I agreed to dance at gunpoint!” The meet at Grand Hyatt Dubai began typically late but Emraan, his leading lady Humaima Malick and director Kunal Deshmukh appeared to have fun.
'I Agreed to Dance at Gunpoint': Emraan Hashmi in Dubai
This movie is important for the team for many reasons. It is Emraan’s release after a long time especially since his last two films Ghanchakkar and Shanghai didn’t exactly set the box office on fire. As for Humaima, it’s her first Bollywood release and the fate of this movie will determine the rest of her career in the industry. Kunal too has to maintain the winning streak with his favourite actor who played the lead in all his previous films Tum Mile, Jannat and Jannat 2. So what is so different about Raja Natwarlal where Emraan plays a con artist? The actor, predictably, says it’s the script. “I would have never signed up for a movie where I had to play a con artist because I find it superficial. When Kunal came to me with Raja Natwarlal’s script, I realised that the portrayal was not superficial which is why I said yes. The movie has got romance, dialogue baazi, betrayal, trust and everything that a common man goes through,” said Emraan.
Kunal Deshkmukh added that the film brought Emraan and him closer than before. “Emraan is a versatile actor; he fits with almost every script I think of.” Except the dancing part. “I had to make Emraan dance. I mean it was not very difficult but he’s a con artist so he needs to dance.” But dancing was not difficult for Humaima Malik who sizzles in a song in the film. “I was very excited to work with Emraan Hashmi. I loved Kunal’s movie Jannat a lot,” she said explaining her (predictable) reasons for working in the film. The Pakistani actress wants to settle for a long innings in Bollywood. “I want to give my best in every film. I am very excited and nervous,” she said. The actors also met fans at Cha Cha Chai restaurant and later shook a leg at Boudoir night club. 
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