Sofia Hayat goes nude for the ALS ice bucket challenge

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(added 29 Aug 2014)
It's been a while now since the ALS Ice Bucket challenge went viral. After multiple Hollywood stars showing their support towards the cause, celebs from Bollywood too haven't been far behind. However it's the Bigg Boss contestant Sophia Hayat who seems to have taken the challenge to the next level by going for it in the buff. Posting a video of herself taking the challenge nude, Sophia said, "I did this nude because women should not be ashamed of their bodies! Thx to Lucas and the nudists who allow me to shoot there!" While this move of the starlet has lead to mixed response from the twitter audiences, Sophia went ahead and challenged Gauahar Khan, Randeep Hooda and Ilda Di Vico for it. However later on learning of Gauahar Khan's medical condition that prevents her from participating, Sophia responded on twitter saying, "My #IceBucketChallenge to @GAUAHAR_KHAN is cancelled, I had no idea about her medical condition. I will donate 50,000 inr on her behalf".
Sofia Hayat goes nude for the ALS ice bucket challenge
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