No ‘Shool’ sequel without Bajpayee, says Niwas

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(added 15 Sep 2014)
No ‘Shool’ sequel without Bajpayee, says Niwas
E. Niwas, who made his Bollywood debut as a director with Shool, now plans to make a sequel to the National Award winning movie. But he says he won’t make it without Manoj Bajpayee. Set in a small-town in Bihar, the original, which was released in 1999, focused on the criminalization of politics. Bajpayee played an honest police officer who locks horns with a brutal legislator in the movie co-written and produced by Ram Gopal Varma. After 15 years, Niwas is working on the sequel. “It is in the initial stage right now. I am still scripting it. I don’t know when we will start shooting. Shool had created a benchmark, so unless it’s not the best script and unless I am not completely satisfied with the script I will not touch it,” Niwas said. When asked about the cast, he said: “I can’t see Shool sequel without Manoj Bajpayee. So, I don’t intend to make the film without him.”
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