Kamal Haasan hospitalized due to food poisoning

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(added 17 Sep 2014)
Kamal Haasan hospitalized due to food poisoning
After Arnold Schwarzenegger's flash-visit to Chennai on Monday, on Tuesday the city was abuzz with reports of the amazing Kamal Haasan being hospitalized. All sorts of wild rumours about his health were being spread. Speaking exclusively from Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Kamalji says, "I am here because of food poisoning and dehydration, nothing more serious than that." The stomach infection happened while shooting. Says Kamalji, "We were shooting in the interiors of Kerala where there were no proper restaurants. We ate at road side dhabas, probably drank infected water. One of those makeshift food places did not agree with me. So here I am." As the news spread about Kamalji's hospitalization, crowds of anxious fans began swarming the hospital premise.  On a lighter note the actor says, "I know a lot of people would like to make a drama out of this. Sorry to disappoint them. I am fine. It's just a simple case of food poisoning. No cause for alarm."
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