Why is Ranveer Singh building a huge hat collection?

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Why is Ranveer Singh building a huge hat collection
The actor, off late, has been seen donning a hat at every appearance. Ranveer Singh’s bold, quirky dressing has won him thumbs-ups from fashion critics. Blingy or retro, he has done it all and with varying degrees of success. He now seems hell-bent on bringing hats back in vogue. Mostly actors use accessories like hats to hide the look that they have in a movie or promote their look in a movie. Similarly, Ranveer, who, stars in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani as the titular character Peshwa Bajirao I, is just following SLB’s diktat. That the actor went bald for the look is known, because of mundan pictures that hit the internet and were published in several publications. Yet, he continues to guard ‘the look’. Ranveer says, “Mr Bhansali doesn’t want the look to be over-utilized so he has asked me to wear a cap or hat most of the time to cover my head. So, I’ll have my head covered for as long as I can sustain it. If a picture leaks out, I can’t control that, but I’ll try my best to respect and align with what Mr Bhansali has told me.” And though the first schedule of the movie has been completed, Ranveer still has a long way to go. He says, “It’s difficult to match a hat to everything, but I am trying.” But this diktat has led the actor building a massive collection of hats. “Now I have hundreds of hats and about 50-60 new ones to choose from because I am going to be bald for a year now.”
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