Shikha Joshi – A struggling Bollywood actress found dead

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(added 19 May 2015)
Bollywood is where dreams come true, but one should not forget that it's the same place which hides the formula to make your worst nightmares become a reality. Shikha Joshi who starred in the critically acclaimed Bollywood movie "B.A Pass" was today found dead in friend's bathroom. She was found with her throat slit and taken to the nearest hospital (Kokilaben Hospital) in the vicinity but declared dead on the spot. At this initial level it is suspected to be a case of suicide although no suicide note has yet been found to confirm the same. Also prima facie it looks like a suicide but it's also a fact that cutting one's throat is a very unusual way to commit suicide. Shikha used to live in the said flat with her roommate Madhu Bharti who reportedly has told the investigation team that Shikha was indeed depressed due to many reasons. The glitz and glamour of Bollywood attracts millions of youth every day, but for a few the dream of becoming a Bollywood star never come true, and that pushes many of the strugglers to take their own lives.
Shikha Joshi – A struggling Bollywood actress found dead
Shikha who was 40 years of age is survived by her husband and her 19 year old daughter. Shika's parents live in New Delhi while her daughter and her husband live in the USA. Shikha had moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai, some time ago to pursue her dream to be an actress. She even got some minor roles in television shows but guess the Bollywood dream seemed too difficult to achieve with the kind and frequency of work she was receiving. On another twist to the story, Shikha and her brother were arrested in October 2013 for throwing stones at the house of a cosmetic surgeon named Vijay Sharma, situated in Andheri. Apparently Shikha had even filed a complaint against the same surgeon for molestation, where she mentioned having undergone a breast implant at his clinic, and 5 years before she found a lump. When she then went back to the surgeon, he alleged touched her wrongly. Shikha last starred in Bollywood's controversial yet critically acclaimed movie "B.A. Pass". May her soul rest in peace.
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