Adnan Sami agreed to feature in a Bollywood song for the first time

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(added 25 Jun 2015)
The supremely talented Adnan Sami has not just sung a song for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, but we have learnt that for the first time he has also shot for it and makes a special appearance in the video. The song titled 'Bhardo jholi meri' was shot inside the Aishmuqam Dargah, considered one of the famous dargahs of Kashmir, located about 40 minutes away from Pahalgam. It has 560 steps that you need to climb before you can enter the shrine and it is for the first time that a film has been granted the permission to shoot inside the premises. The song inspired from a very old traditional qawali has been written by Kausar Munir and had the entire crew in tears while it was being filmed.
Adnan Sami agreed to feature in a Bollywood song for the first time
Talking about this special song to us, Adnan said, "Salman is a dear friend. My relationship with him and uncle Salim is very old. Salman called and said, 'Bro, there is this particular song and it's a qawali and I'd really love you to sing it.' I loved the challenge as I have never sung a qawali before. And then he said, 'I'd like to have it picturised on you too.' I said, 'Okay.' For Salman anything. I am a typical pathan. Pyaar se mangoge, jaan haazir hai aur agar dosti ki hai toh nibhayenge. I have never appeared in a song that I have sung in a film before, even though there have been so many songs that I have sung and it's a pretty common request to ask a singer to appear in it, but I have never done it. But when Salman asked me to do it, I cannot say a no. I love the fact that he is so honest, he says it as it is and uske andar banavat nahin hai. Unfortunately, it is a rare quality to have in the industry we belong to."
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