Why 'Bollywood Does Not Exist' For Kishore Kumar's Son

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Singer-musician-actor Amit Kumar says he does not intend to be a part of Bollywood. Amit, son of legendary singer-actor Kishore Kumar, has sung several Bollywood and regional film songs since the 1970s. Citing lack of good quality music, Amit, who withdrew from playback singing and concentrated on live orchestra shows since 1995, continues to perform worldwide. "For me, Bollywood is finished. For me, it does not exist. I have had enough days. I don't want to be in the rat race. There is interference by the music companies and producers. I feel there is less creativity for a singer to explore," Amit told in an interview here. "I have had these kinds of experiences with big music companies. After which I thought it is better to create something of your own, so we have our own label Kumar Brothers Music (KBM)," the singer, 63, said.

Why 'Bollywood Does Not Exist' For Kishore Kumar's Son

Amit claims he does not even follow what is happening in the Hindi film industry on the music front. "I don't follow Bollywood music. I am happy in my own world of music. There are talented singers around. But when music comes and goes one does not know. Music is a selling commodity. At KBM we focus on harmony, melody and lyrics," Amit added. Amit has come up with an album Baba Mere to celebrate his father Kishore Kumar's 86th birth anniversary. The late singer had cast Amit in two films - Door Gagan Ki Chhaon Mein and Door Ka Raahi. Apart from this, Amit also acted in several films that were directed by and starred his father - Badhti Ka Naam Dadhi, Shabhash Daddy, and Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi. "Whatever I am today is because of my father. I am happy where I am today in my life," he added.

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