Welcome Back Review

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Quite often it so happens that you are lured into the theater with a kickass trailer only to be fed a blunder of a film. That's what makes Welcome Back so different. Director Anees Bazmee promises a senseless comedy, he delivers one. Welcome Back is sequel to the 2007 Akshay Kumar starrer. The story is set seven years after the first story ended. The lovable dons Majnu bhai and Uday Shetty are now rich hotel owners in Dubai, having let go off their shady past to be 'izzatdaar' businessmen. They are so respectable that they even end up paying 'hafta' to a wannabe goon. As Uday points out, respectable people are 'bebus' and 'laachar'. A twist of fate is brought in by absolutely silly arrangement. Uday (Nana Patekar) finds he has another sister (Shruti Haasan) while Doctor Ghungroo discovers that his wife has a son from a previous marriage which he was unaware of. The stage is set for confusion and chaos, as we have Uday and Majnu trying to find their sister a respectable match. And such a match of course could come only from a respectable 'sharif' family such as Doctor Ghungroo's. 

Welcome Back Review

A longish film with hardly a handful of proper sequences, Welcome Back has a poorly written screenplay. Not just convenient, the writers chose to do away with any kind of logic. Thankfully it is not inconsistent - the lack of logic is uniform. Hence once you accept that this is what you are going to deal with for next two and half hours of your life you should actually start enjoying it. The dialogues are hilarious with lots of puns placed in every now and then. There are also quite a few scenes which should leave you laughing your guts out. Especially a particular graveyard scene featuring Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor. The two, needless to say, are the life of the film. And they make this scene memorable. I truly laughed till I almost cried! What however was not promised was bucket full of bad acting, horrible songs and absolutely trashy VFX work. While John Abraham does not seem like himself, Shruti Haasan is lost. New girl Ankita Shrivastav is awful. Shiney Ahuja makes a comeback to acting, and you might just wish he had not! Even Naseeruddin Shah is inconsistent as he reprises a visually handicapped don - something he has so effortlessly done in Mohra. The saviors are Nana Patekar, Dimple Kapadia and Anil Kapoor. While Dimple is effortless, Nana lifts almost every scene he is a part of. Nevertheless, if as a comedy fan you are enticed to watch this 'comeback' film of Anees Bazmee - fully aware of the director's portfolio so far - you should most likely be pretty happy with it. Unless of course you went in expecting a Nolan flick, with each every scene playing out logically. No logic, just irrational laughter. 

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