I Will make Salman Khan proud through my role as Bajirao said Ranveer Singh

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Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is hopes he will make Salman Khan proud through his portrayal of Bajirao in much-talked-about film Bajirao Mastani. Salman was supposed to play Bajirao in the historic romantic film earlier but things did not materialise and Ranveer stepped in. "We know that Salman sir was going to be the original Bajirao. I have really worked hard to play Bajirao on screen and I hope that I (will) make him proud," Ranveer told reporters here at a promotional event of the film. The actor recalled how he was reduced to tears when he first heard the script of the film. "I was in tears when I heard the narration and it took (me) sometime to settle in. It is an intense film, it is an intense love story. There is romance, drama, intense drama. I was frozen after listening to the narration. The film is getting ready. It is over a month away from its release," he said. Ranveer said he found the role unique.

Will make Salman Khan proud through my role as Bajirao said Ranveer Singh

"It's a distinct character. It is something I had never done before. He (Peshwa) was a warrior, a great man. I feel very proud that I have been selected to portray him on screen. I have done my best. I hope I am able to do justice," the Band Baaja Baarat actor said. Ranveer said there was no similarity between him and Bajirao in real life. "This role is distinctively different from my personality. He is a person who lived his life a long time ago... He had a different mindset...Different temperament. There is a lot of drama that happened in his life," the 30-year-old said. On his preparation for the role, Ranveer recalled how he "locked" himself inside a hotel room for three weeks. "I had to get into deep. The preparation was very intense. I locked myself in a hotel room for three weeks to get away from my familiar surroundings and see if I can come up with something new and different on screen. I am glad that I did this film. It was a beautiful process of preparation," he added.

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