Shraddha is expecting compliments for bikini and action scenes

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Shraddha Kapoor is definitely headed in the right direction with her new movie, Baaghi. She dons a bikini on screen for the first time for this one and hopes people will compliment her for her new avatar. “It’s for the first time that I wore a bikini for a film. It was a beautiful experience. I hope I get a compliment,” Shraddha told reporters at the trailer launch of Baaghi. So far the 27-year-old actor has mostly played the girl-next-door kind of roles on screen, but in Baaghi she has tried action with her co-star Tiger Shroff. “When Baaghi was offered to me, I was hoping I’ll get to do action. I am glad I got the opportunity to try something new. I was excited to do action. If you have Tiger in a film, you are bound to get tips and help. I enjoyed doing action,” she said.

Shraddha is expecting compliments for bikini and action scenes

Shraddha said she tried her hands at action and did hurt herself. “I tried doing some kicks and punches. I did hurt myself but it was a nice experience. I got to learn a lot of new things for this film. My experience of working on this film has been memorable,” she added. The Aashiqui 2 star couldn’t stop heaping praise on her childhood actor friend Tiger. “Nobody can be like Tiger. Tiger is inspiring to work with. I remember in school he used to play basketball and he was so energetic and focussed. Today also he is same focused and dedicated about his work,” she said.

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