Hrithik Roshan in praise of Bollywood baddies

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Hrithik Roshan in praise of Bollywood baddiesHrithik Roshan seems to be in a very appreciative mood. Interestingly though he is only praising the bad guys in Bollywood. Just recently Hrithik Roshan couldn't stop raving about the new-age Kancha Cheena played by Sanjay Dutt in Agneepath and even compared him with the likes of Gabbar Singh.

Now he is in praise of Vivek Oberoi who plays the negative lead of his ambitious home-production Krrish 3. Sources close to the film insist that the negative role of Krrish 3 was so strongly written that Hrithik Roshan wanted to keep it for himself. But then how could he? He is a hero... rather superhero.

Hrithik was even willing to do a double role to play the villain's part as well. "He felt he could portray it the best", says a source. Until Vivek Oberoi stepped in!
"When Hrithik saw Vivek's energy and enthusiasm, he was assured that the villain's role is in right hands", says the source. Fortunately now we would get to see Hrithik and Vivek contend in Krrish 3 rather than Hrithik fighting himself.
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