Why Emraan would never accept awards

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Why Emraan would never accept awardsEmraan Hashmi is never seen at Bollywood award functions, whether as a guest, performer or winner. This year, he was up for a Stardust Award in the category of Best Thriller/Action Actor for Murder 2 (2011) and had two nominations at the Apsara Awards Best Actor in a Leading Role (Murder 2) and

Best Actor In A Supporting Role (The Dirty Picture). He didn’t win and he’s not surprised. In fact, Emraan says that if he were to get an award now, he would not accept it. “Audience appreciation matters more to me than this recognition. And I’d be happy if I could pass on an award meant for me to a contemporary who values it more and takes days out of his schedule every year to attend these functions,” he reasons, adding that he had once attended an awards night, but walked out after 20 minutes. “I know it was wrong to get up and leave but I just couldn’t sit through it anymore. So rather than insult a function again, I’ve decided not be there.”

Emraan, however, isn’t averse to performing at a show even though he hasn’t for the past three years because of time constraints: “Other actors need only a few hours of rehearsal but I have two left feet and require a few days’ practice. If I can make time for that towards the end of the year, you’ll see me on stage,” he says, adding that he wouldn’t agree to be a performer just to make money. “If that were the only criterion, I would have taken on projects of producers who were willing to pay me three times my market rate. Whether it’s a film or a function, I don’t want to do something I don’t believe in.”

Why Emraan would never accept awards

After nine years, Emraan seems to have finally made the A-list, with director Karan Johar saying that he’s a huge fan. He’s been signed on by Vishal Bhardwaj and Ekta Kapoor for Daayan, has three sequels — Jannat 2, Raaz 3D and Murder 3 — with the Bhatt camp lined up. There’s also talk of him doing a Dharma film to be directed by Rensil D’Souza and a YRF production with Parmeet Sethi as director. “I’m flattered by Karan’s remark, but for me the benchmark of success is the box-office,” Emraan says. “I’ve never yearned to be on any A, B or C list. It’s enough if I’m accepted by the audience.”

Emraan’s ‘A’ list
Apsara Film and Television Producers’ Guild Award: Nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Actor in a Negative Role (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, 2011), Best Actor in a Leading Role (Murder 2, 2012) and Best Actor in a Supporting Role (The Dirty Picture, 2012)

Screen Awards:  Won for Best Villain (Murder, 2005, Once Upon...)

IIFA: Nominated for Best Performance in Negative Role (Gangster)

Zee Cine Awards: Nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Male (Once Upon...)

Stardust Awards: Nominated for Best Actor in an Ensemble Cast (Once Upon...), Best Thriller/Action Actor (Murder2)

Filmfare: Nominated for Best Performance in a Negative Role (Gangster), Best Supporting Actor (Once Upon...)

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