Sonam Kapoor misses meeting New Zealand PM

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Battling with a low immunity system has had an adverse affect on Sonam Kapoor's professional life. Just a few months ago, she was diagnosed with typhoid. With barely any time to recover, she had to get back to work. This of course landed her back in hospital with a typhoid relapse (Mumbai Mirror, Apri1, 2011). And unfortunately, her latest bout of illness has been a major killjoy.

Sonam Kapoor misses meeting New Zealand PM

Sonam, who is currently filming for Abbas-Mustan's Players with Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu, not only missed out on Mustan's birthday bash but also on the rare opportunity to meet New Zealand's prime minister, John Key. Reportedly, the actress had a stomach infection, which prevented her from making it to the on Wednesday, at Film City, where the NZ Prime Minister met the rest of the cast and crew.

A source explained, "It was a very special afternoon. Bipasha and Abhishek were shooting, at Film City, with director Abbas-Mustan. Since a major part of Players was shot in New Zealand, the prime minister decided to pay the unit a visit. Sonam, who was not scheduled to shoot that day, was quickly called to the sets, since she and Bipasha play the romantic leads opposite Abhishek. However, Sonam informed them that she couldn't come because she was ill."

After the prime minister bid his goodbyes, the team then geared up to celebrate Mastan's birthday. This was yet another cast bonding opportunity that Sonam missed out on. The source added, "After the prime minister left, Abhishek organised an impromptu birthday bash for Mastan. Sonam missed that as well. But she kept messaging throughout the day to stay updated about what was going on in her absence." When contacted, Sonam's spokesperson made light of the actress's condition and simply said, "She's okay now." However, a source close to Sonam revealed, "She's extremely prone to infections. And she needs to guard herself constantly against falling ill."

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