You’re old enough to marry now: Katrina tells Salman

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You’re old enough to marry now Katrina tells SalmanWoah! Hold your jumping horses right now! Katrina Kaif has not said that to Salman in reality, but on the reel. If you’ve watched the latest trailer of the hugely anticipated ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, you would know. And the chances are that you certainly have.

Though we won’t ever know whether that was actually ever said to Salman in real life, but Katrina, via her character in the movie, has certainly put her point across.

Well, it’s not just you, Ms. Kaif, it’s the whole world that wants to see the star happily settled down now. Talking of the trailer, Katrina’s character asks Salman’s if he is married. Salman’s ‘Tiger’ in return asks her why she did not enquire first about whether he has a girlfriend or not, instead of the marriage.

To this, Katrina replies, tongue-in-cheek, that he is old enough to marry now. That’s a funny scene, and we’re sure everyone on the sets, including the ex-lovers, would have enjoyed it. You have never listened to anybody in your life over this issue, Salman, but we also would seriously recommend that you exchange vows with a suitable woman now. Sallu miyaan, it’s time you became a miyaan now!

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