Shah Rukh Khan borrows Batman's bike

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(added 16 Jul 2011)

Shah Rukh Khan borrows Batman's bikeEvery superhero needs their own mode of super-transport. While Spiderman has his web to swing with, Superman is bestowed with the magical ability to fly, thanks to his cape. Hence, Shah Rukh Khan aka G.One in his forthcoming film RA.One has decided to borrow his superhero kin Batman's bike for a sequence to be shot end of next week. The very crucial scene, one of the few remaining to be shot for the film that is almost ready, will take place at Filmistan Studios, Goregaon.

The scene will have SRK vrooming in his superbike designed specially to resemble Batman's batpod. "SRK will be doing a rescue act in the scene, which also requires him to indulge in some real adrenaline pumping stunts," informed a source. What's more, Khan will be performing all the daredevil stunts himself. "No body double has been summoned for the shoot," added the source. Shah Rukh Khan who is confident that he would pull off the stunts without a body double, will start rehearsing for the same today. And only after a week of practice, the star will shoot for the real sequence. "Shah Rukh is not particularly fond of bikes himself. In fact, every time director Anubhav Sinha suggested that he bought one, Khan just refused saying there is no use for a bike," revealed the source. However, for his dream project, Shah Rukh Khan seems to have revised his thoughts on riding a bike. While SRK was holidaying in London with his family, the director of RA.One was busy preparing the set for the special shoot. Anaita Shroff Adajania had been arranging for Khan's outfit for the scene.

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