Neha Dhupia: I have overcome heartbreaks and heartburns

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Neha Dhupia is continuing to be in the reckoning as far as her stint in Bollywood is concerned and with Karan Johar signing her for UNGLEE, it is indeed a high for her. While she is understandably sounding all excited about the prospects of the film and hence a commercial success in the making, one can pretty much sense that love has taken a backseat for Neha.

Neha Dhupia, I have overcome heartbreaks and heartburns

Says Neha after a brief pause, "I don't know if I can say that love has taken a backseat. Reason being that for me, work has always been on the forefront and then family comes in. Yes, if I was in nine to five jobs and had followed a routine then may be I would have adjusted to norms that normal people do. However for me normal is boring. As for love then well, when it happens it would happen."

She doesn't take time to perk up though. "In any case, it isn't as if love hasn't happened to me. It has happened and then un-happened and that too twice over. Also, without being too dramatic about it, I have actually enjoyed the process and overcome heartbreaks and heartburns. Come on, it's very normal. Whether it is your career, a packet of biscuits or love life, everything comes with an expiry date. One cannot get too attached to any of that."

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