John, Deepika bond over heartbreak?

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Latest rumors have it that doleful John Abraham and sizzling thespian Deepika Padukone had been sharing great time on the sets of ‘Desi Boyz’ in London. One of the reasons for sharing amicable relations is their past. Both have survived heartbreaks.

John, Deepika bond over heartbreak?

Though John and Bipasha ended their 10-year-old relationship lately, Deepika broke up with Ranbir Kapoor some years ago. John shared about his split with Deepika, says sources No doubt John and Dippy are working together for the first time, but their friendship on the sets of the film, directed by Rohit Dhawan, stunned the crew members.

The duo was spotted spending time together and having coffee. Surprisingly, John even discussed with Deepika about his break-up with longtime beau Bipasha. A little birdie told TOI, “John and Deepika have become really good friends. They are close to the extent that he even talked about his break up and the low phase in his life with her.”

“Even though the London schedule is over, they are still in touch and are looking forward to working together again.” In addition to giving tips to John about dealing with heartbreak, the 25-year-old actress advised him to keep the break-up story under wraps. “Deepika not only lent him an ear, but also understood his situation and his need to keep it private."

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