Shahid Kapoor’s ‘best wishes’ are working against him

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Might seem funny but it actually might not be funny for actor Shahid Kapoor Shahid’s ‘best wishes’ are working against him! A day after Shahidburst out against a critic for talking about the poor collections of his latest film, another similar incident has become the talk of the town. Just before the release of her latest movie, Shahidhad wished actor Genelia D’Souza on Twitter and told her that that her movie will do very well (29 September, Thursday). Her movie released the next day and it upstaged Shahid’s film in various pockets. To add salt to the injury, Genelia re-tweeted how her movie has upstaged Shahid’s movie Mausam from the theatres (September 30, Friday).

Shahid Kapoor’s ‘best wishes’ are working against him

“Wishing my fav girl @geneliad. All the luck for force.....Sure it’ll rock my dearest... All the luck and love,” wrote Shahid for Genelia. Interestingly, Genelia was one of the special invitees for the premiere of Shahid’s film and she was seen having a long conversation with Shahid at the gates of the one of the theatres in the multiplexes. Genelia and Shahid appeared like long lost friends and were having an intent conversation.

“Shahid naturally wished Genelia the on the eve of her movie release to wish her. Interestingly, he didn’t leave any wish for John. However, a shock was waiting for him the next day,” says a source who knows both the stars. The very next day, Genelia’s film started replacing Shahid’s film from the theatres, as Genelia re-tweeted from one of her friends in Bollywood. “Cinemax replaces evening show of Mausam with #Force... all 734 seats sold out for #Force!”

Though Genelia retweeted just one instance, Mausam was quickly driven out of some of the theatres by Force as it started getting more audience. The number of shows in some multiplexes for Mausam, according to sources, was reduced to accommodate the audience for the new movie. In the next few tweets, Genelia is busy accepting accolades for her movie and says thank you to her fans while Shahid (till the time of going press) last tweeted last Saturday (October 1) on about catching a terrible cold. His next tweet was a re-tweeted Rumi poem that went: “How you love is the open sky. These personal selves are the roofs of the same town.”So, who are you addressing, Shahid?

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