Ranbir Kapoor in, Shahid Kapoor out?

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Ranbir Kapoor in, Shahid Kapoor out?

Actors Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor performed at the recently concluded Zee Cine Awards in Macau, where they teamed up for the first time, to pay tribute to legends, Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor. While Ranbir and Shahid only performed to two songs, their friendship seemed to go beyond their act.

Their steps were in tandem and they complimented each other well. Shahid has always been known for his dancing skills, but Ranbir seemed unfazed by the  dancing star’s reputation and matched him step for step at the awards night. The duo stuck to each other, before and after the awards night, so much so that, they apparently even landed in Macau together. After the awards night, they chose to take the same ferry out of Macau to Hong Kong and boarded the same flight back to Mumbai.

However, Ranbir, it seemed, turned out to be the popular one among the two. Onlookers at the Macau airport thronged to get a glimpse of Ranbir just as he stepped inside. He was hounded by adults, children, young girls  alike to pose for pictures and autographs. Ranbir, being the sport that he is, obliged everyone and patiently signed each  autograph. Shahid, apparently, was forced to play second fiddle  as crowds ignored him even though he was by Ranbir’s side at the airport.

An onlooker present at the airport says, “Besides smiling and greeting people, Shahid refused to pose for pictures. There were a couple of them who stood patiently for sometime, hoping he would sign an autograph, but he just refused. He was mostly stuck to his phone as his passport hadn’t reached him. He was probably trying to sort that out when his fans asked him to pose for a picture and he just refused.”  The new equation comes as a surprise as Shahid is reportedly very popular with the girls, but looks like the Kapoor boy has raced way past the Kapoor dancing sensation for now.

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