Is Sonakshi Sinha too old for young actors?

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(added 04 May 2012)

Is Sonakshi Sinha too old for young actors?

Recently Sonakshi Sinha went public with her claim that she was more comfortable working with older men in Bollywood. Now, the younger actors in Bollywood apparently don't want to be paired with her, reason being that she would look too old next to them. We have learnt that while Sonakshi was keen to pair up with Ranbir Kapoor, he feels that she will look older to him on screen. The same sentiment is apparently being echoed by Ranbir Kapoor's good friend Shahid Kapoor as well.

Interestingly, Sonakshi is not aware of Ranbir's opinion about her. However, she is believed to be in the know-how about Shahid's view about her looks. While it has been reported that Sonakshi turned town the remake of Vettai some weeks ago because he opted out of Punit Malhotra's next film for Karan Johar, a source attributes it to her being upset hearing about Shahid taking digs at her.

The source explained, "Sonakshi is very keen to work with Ranbir and Shahid, who are closer to her age. More so since she's also working with Imran Khan in Milan Luthria's sequel to Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. But it seems that she heard about Shahid joking that she would look older to him if they were to do a film together. That's why she's said to have declined the remake of Vettai.

" Incidentally, this perception is said to be coming from the fact that almost all of Sonakshi's co-stars have been older guys. With two films with Salman Khan, three with Akshay Kumar and another with Ajay Devgn, Lootera is the only film where she romances a comparitively younger actor, Ranveer Singh. The source added, "Probably, that is why Ranbir declined a film, whose producer wanted to cast Sonakshi." Interestingly, oblivious to this, Sonakshi is still keen to be cast in a project with Ranbir and is believed to have conveyed the same to her business manager.

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